Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nut Nog

1 C Soaked Almonds
1/3 C pine nuts (not soaked)
2 1/2 C filtered water
2 frozen bananas
4-7 dates - soak if firm and needing softening
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp vanilla extract
dash of cayenne pepper
pinch of sea salt

Blend almonds, pine nuts, water and dates - strain through a nut milk bag into bowl. Place strained mixture back into blender and add rest of ingredients. Frozen bananas will make it creamy and thick....Yummmmmmmmmmmm :)


  1. Why an allergy to raw & roasted nuts, but not soaked and mixed & blended nuts?
  2. Any experience of allergies & losing allergies to almonds? sweetening almond milk for children...
  3. Recipes for almond butter & salad dressing made with almond butter?
  4. How can I wean my daughter off cow's milk and give her more almond milk?


"I was wondering why I have an allergy to raw and even roasted nuts but not soaked nuts or nuts mixed in/blended with other foods like Storm's Raw Peach Pie I could eat the crust and I had very little reaction. All I had was a little bit of an itchy throat."

Response: In a scientific way, the soaking method releases natural enzymes which activate digestion. Blended foods also ease the digestive process as these foods have been pre-digested. If by soaking almonds their life force and nutrient content increases, and blending almonds pre-digests them, then maybe soaked and blended almonds (and other nuts and seeds) are less taxing on the body's digestive system. Therefore, allergy symptoms are less noticeable. I say less noticeable, because if I eat too many raw, unsoaked almonds, I also experience an overall heaviness, bloating, itchy eyes, ears, and throat. I find mixing even raw, unsoaked almonds or almond butter in a salad, smoothie with greens, or with celery sticks has less overall affect on my body and general feelings of well-being.

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"I would love to be able to serve fresh almond milk for myself but I have allergies to almonds; I usually will itch in the ears, so the extent of the allergies isn't too bad. If I consume almonds from a snack bar, i'll itch while I'm chewing them and after a few minutes the itching will usually dissipate. I know that I could try other nut milks too. My youngest one, a 4 y.o., likes to drink almond milk that I purchase from the store, but when I make it fresh, she doesn't want it. I suppose I could try to sweeten up the homemade one or try to match the flavor of the one I buy. I was wondering if you have any experience of allergies with almonds, if there's a way to make them go away. I try to eat raw vegan, but not successfully 100% since my 4 kids and husband still enjoy animal protein. The cow's meat we do have is grass-fed and without any kind of shots. Do you know if there are people who have lost allergies to almonds?"

Response: In my opinion, nuts, in general, are quite dense! I think eating a little to a-little-too-much of almonds even plain can bring on any mild allergic reaction. Personally, I am unaware of any people allergic to nuts. I hear, however, many stories of people being allergic, even severely, to nuts. I see notes of caution to people who consider themselves allergic to nuts on many products containing nuts. I can't help but wonder if we would have less reactions to nuts if our immune systems are optimized and our bodies are receiving fresh, organic, whole, living foods on a more consistent basis and in higher quantities. In regards to children, it was a great challenge for me initially to give our children anything other than cow's milk [aside from mother's milk when they breast-fed] even when I decided to try other types of milk. Would they grow up happy and healthy without cow's milk? I think children are highly tuned into our thoughts and feelings. And as their mother, if I am uncertain about anything, they pick up on such sentiments and might respond in a similar matter as me, be it joy, love, fear, sadness. It took me awhile to come up with the best almond milk blend for our family. In earlier days, I added much more sweetener, and they liked it. Today, I use much less sweetener, and they like it!

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Almond Butter Salad Dressing

"In the play you mention almond butter and salad dressing made with almond butter. I wonder if you have recipes for almond butter and the salad dressing made with almond butter."

Response: Cool & Creamy Cauliflower with Fresh & Crunchy Almond Butter Dressing by Kristin

Organic Ingredients-- florets of 1 Cauliflower, 1/2C Raw Almonds, 4T Olive Oil, 4T Apple Cider Vinegar, 4T Water, 2 small handfuls of Parsley greens, 1-2 tsp Himalayan Crystal (or Celtic Sea) Salt, 1 pinch Cumin, 1 pinch Chili Powder

Blend or process Cauliflower until smooth & creamy, and place in a serving bowl.

Blend or process all other ingredients until a mixed dressing with a bit of almond pieces.

Add dressing to bowl with cauliflower, stir, and serve! Eat as is, or accompany with red pepper slices, lettuce leaves, and celery sticks. Try topped with a sprinkling of dulse flakes.

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Cow's Milk

"My daughter will drink cow milk and rice milk and use to drink almond milk but won't now. She's sick right now with a fever of 102 and she's drinking juice I made and water but I'm thinking because she drinks/eats so much dairy that her immune system, I believe, has been compromised. How can I wean her off cow milk and give her more almond milk? I've sorta tried giving her 100% dairy then putting 95% dairy 5% almond milk and then just reducing cow milk and increasing the almond milk but she notices when it's not 100% milk and won't drink it if it has the almond milk...or maybe It's because I put Vanilla bean in with the almond milk. Any suggestions?"

Response: It's interesting you are making a connection between cow's milk, your daughter's immune system and her fondness for dairy. You seem to take care in listening to your daughter's needs and you are approaching her nutritional needs gently. Depending on your beliefs about animal foods and plant foods [i.e. do you feel your daughter needs the cow's milk to be well?], I might try a period of bringing only rice or almond milk home and making some fresh almond milk for her, being consistent in giving this to her. Talk with her (whatever her age) lovingly about your reasons for giving her this "new" drink. In our home, we have always given the truth (and it is the truth we know as parents) about our choices. They've experienced tremendous changes in our nutritional beliefs. While there was a day when cow's milk was prominent in our home, now it's almond milk. This is what they know.

I believe with some patience, practice, and persistence on my part in making almond milk (or any way of life) part of our daily rhythm, and along with being honest with our children and allowing them to decide for themselves in any matter, they receive almond milk with joy. Our children enjoy the sweetness of agave nectar or honey in their almond milk. They like a small amount of vanilla and sweet spices, like in the The Almond Milk Book's recipe for almond milk. Do you still have comforts in giving her dairy? You might try offering her almond milk as her "milk" and then provide small amounts of other types of dairy (yogurt, cheese) while you are sorting out your position on dairy. I think we have strong attachments to our first milk, the basis of our earliest nutrition. It may take a little time to change your routine that finds the balance for all in your family. You might offer her other nut and seed milks too, and try an easy blend using almond butter (or another nut or seed butter). Some of our favorites include walnut, pumpkin seed, tahini, and cashew butter milks.

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Avo-buttered Corn on the Cob
by Dave Klein

1. Corn on the cob, freshly shucked
2. Avocado, halved and pitted

With the corn in one hand and the avocado in the other, smear the avocado over the corn kernels and enjoy! Best eaten barefooted!

Sunflower Rolls
by Katherine Dichter

1. 1 tomato, chopped
2. 2.5 cups of germinated sunflower seeds (soaked 8 to 12 hours, then sprouted 1 day)
3. juice of 1 lemon
4. 1 tsp. dulse flakes
5. 1 sm. zucchini, or yellow summer squash, diced
6. 1/4 cup of scallion, diced
7. Romaine lettuce leaves, or other broad leaf from the garden

1. Liquefy the tomato in a blender.
2. Add to the blender the sunflower sprouts, lemon juice and dulse flakes, and blend on med. speed until smooth.
3. Pour the blended mixture into a bowl and mix in the remaining ingredients.
4. Spoon the mixture onto the lettuce leaves, roll them up, and serve.
Optional: pierce the rolls with a toothpicks to hold together.

Sweet Dried Teff Sprouts
by David Klein

Do you think that sprouts taste like straw? Try making your own dried teff sprouts - they are sweet and go with almost everything!

Teff is a tiny brown grain. They are usually available at health food stores - if not, ask the store to order them. Specify whole grain.


Add 4 tbs. of whole grain teff to a clean sprouting jar with fine mesh cover. Pour purified water to a depth of about 2 inches. After about 4 hours, slowly drain off the water, and rinse twice more with purified water.

Shake the jar to distribute the teff around the inner walls, then lay the jar on its side in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. Shake the jar several times per day, and twice each day spray a bit of purified water into the jar using a spray bottle.

On the third, fourth or fifth day, after the sprouts have grown about 1 or 2 inches, place the jar outside in the sun - the porch or dashboard of your car are good places. Allow the sprouts to dry in the sun for 1 to 2 days, then enjoy this unique nutritious, sweet and inexpensive treat!

the Rainbox Dagwood Bell Pepper SpecialThe Rainbow Dagwood
by Living Nutrition

1 lg. bell pepper, cored, de-stemmed and sliced horizontally near the top
1/2 cup celery, diced
1 sm. avocado, mashed
handful of whole dulse leaf, rinsed
and hand squeeze-dried
slice of Bermuda onion
1 yellow beet, processed into “spaghetti” using the Veggie Spiralizer
1 cucumber, sliced
1 lg. tomato, sliced
handful of sunflower greens (sprouts)

1. Process the celery and avocado together to make a creamy slaw mixture.
2. Fill the bottom of the bell pepper sandwich with the slaw.
3. Add the remaining ingredients in layers.
4. Top with the upper part of the bell pepper and enjoy!
Options: substitute your choice of sprouts, grated vegetables or nut or seed cheese, or nut or seed butter in lieu of the avocado.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How To Make Green Lemonade

David Wolfe and at erewhon

Raw On Th Road

What is a Tonic Bar

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Beatles-Child of Nature

This John Lennon song is just a run thru. May have been recorded at Abbey Road or at home. Either way it's from the "White Album" sessions and while the song title and lyrics you more than likely haven't heard...if you're a Lennon fan you know the tune. John later used it as the basis for "Jealous Guy" for his Imagine album.


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